It is not uncommon for developers to adorn their laptops, Macs, Surface Pros, etc with the sticky vinyls of the platforms, tools and frameworks of the stuff we like to use.


Unless you have been under a rock, or just too busy to look up, ASP.NET is all new again. It's small, fast, runs cross platform and aims to be on the radar of every new kid coming out of whatever school you name to be the framework of choice.

But where's my sticker dude?


dotnet is covered pretty well on as Kristan Hellang pointed out on the github issue -

I pointed out in my comment on the issue that has an awesome logo, not sure the route that they went; approvals etc to go through but this discussion has surfaced again on twitter by some community members.

If we are looking to get into the places where .NET is not, being the kids in school using bash, zsh, node, php etc., then let's be sure to have to cool swag to go along with the effort being made so far.

Seems silly I know, but it matters.

If you are a designer or have designer friends or colleagues. Send me an idea. I'm interested to see what you have in mind.