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The .NET ecosystem is continuously growing and empowering developers to create amazing applications. Join us as we take a look at the APIs, the tooling, and some of the interesting projects being created in the .NET ecosystem.


06.20.2017 - 144 Adventures in Angular: Azure and Angular with Shayne Boyer

05.27.2017 - DevIntersection 2017: APIs for Angular Apps with Azure Functions

05.08.2017 - //BUILD 2017: Cloud Developer Advocacy

02.14.2017 - Pluralsight Course: Understanding API Functionality Through Swagger. Using Swagger with ASP.NET Core w/ Visual Studio for Mac.


07.28.2016 - Pluralsight Course: Play by Play: Deploying an Angular 2 App to Azure with Git. How to deploy Angular applications to Azure with Github integration.

06.09.2016 - dotnetconf 2106: Exposing Your Business Services to the Web & mobile - using ASP.NET Core to connect to WCF Services.

03.03.2016 - 082 Adventures in Angular: Getting Started with Angular 2 With No Angular 1 Experience with Shayne Boyer

02.01.2016 - Pluralsight Course - Play by Play w/ John Papa: ASP.NET Core 1.0 on Any OS


10.25.2015 - Introduction to Modern Development Toolchain - DevIntersection / AngleBrackets : Vegas on Channel9

10.1.2015 - ASP.NET - ASP.NET 5 Anywhere with OmniSharp and Yeoman (MSDN Magazine October)

5.27.2015 - Away From the Keyboard Podcast: Episode 6: Shayne Boyer On Fitness, Community, and Tech

2.28.2015 - Updates to ASP.NET 5 yeoman generators for beta 3
(.NET Web Development and Tools Blog)


12.17.2014 - Adding New Items to Your ASP.NET 5 Project with Yeoman Sub-generators
(.NET Web Development and Tools Blog)

11.14.2014 - Windows Developer Show: Episode 167 MVP Summit

01.25.2014 - Microsoft DevRadio: Community Corner - Best Practices for Becoming a Successful Mobile Developer (

01.20.2014 - Microsoft DevRadio: Community Corner - An Interview with Shayne Boyer, Creator of "Tunely" for Windows Phone (


1.05.2013 - TypeScript: Making .NET Developers Comfortable with JavaScript (MSDN Magazine & Online)

02.04.2013 - TypeScript: Add Productivity and Manageability to your JavaScript Apps Part 2 - (MSDN Magazine Online)

06.23.2013 - Technology and Friends: Episode 271 Shayne Boyer on TypeScript
11.12.2012 - When Making Apps It's the Little Things That Matter... on


12.05.2012 - TypeScript: Add Productivity and Manageability to your JavaScript Apps - (MSDN Magazine Online)