It's seems not too long ago I was laying down the words for "So Many Ways to Learn .NET in 2020", but of course it was March yesterday too.

This list is still very valid; 101 videos (youtube | channel9), Microsoft docs, the various shows now available on the new and LearnTV too!

But wait there's more...

A New Microsoft Learning Path for C#

Build .NET applications with C# is a new learning path with 6 modules to get anyone started with creating apps from scratch with C#. Start with a basic introduction, move into working with projects and dependencies, debugging and more. In little more than 3 hours, get a refresher or a whole new start with .NET and C#.

Want a challenge?

Join the .NET Skills Challenge for the month of November.

Compete against friends and coworkers by completing interactive modules on how to build apps across multiple platforms with .NET and earn your rank on the leaderboard.

bit awards

Over 40 hours of FREE Learning inside of this awesome collection of 8 Paths and 5 additional bonus modules.

Topics include Basic C# skills, Web API development, Blazor Apps, Static Web Apps, Xamarin and Visual Studio or VS Code.

Get started by going to

Let me know how you're doing

Tweet me @spboyer, how are you doing on the leaderboard? Are there more modules you'd like to see for C# or other .NET related topics?

Have fun, it's FREE and for you!