Taking on a new role as a Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate withing the Cloud and Enterprise group. What does that mean?

Talking to the community about the technologies that I love; ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Docker, services and how these can best be run on Azure and what we as a community can do to make it better.

docs.microsoft.com, where I have spent my time since joining Microsoft, is a very important part of what we are moving to accomplish. With a new look at documentation for all of the products; Azure, ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core, Visual Studio and many more products continue to migrate over to the new Open Source platform. I will continue to contribute to the docs as it is important to me and the products the team supports.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the next conference and/or chatting about what you're wanting to do in the cloud.

If you have a skill and passion around developer advocacy, then maybe it's a fit for you too.