Developer Workshops

Joe Healy (@devfish) and I have been hosting workshops at the Microsoft Store in Orlando at the Florida Mall over the past few Thursdays. The current series has been focusing on Windows Store Apps, including game application development.  Joe presented this past week on MonoGame for Windows 8 and another Florida Developer, Bill Reiss (@billreiss) is doing a blog series on that same topic here, and the turn out was great! Here are the next few topics on deck.

XAML and C# for Windows 8 Store App
Presented by: Shayne Boyer (@spboyer)

Using Game Salad for No-Code Game Development on Windows 8
Presented by: Shayne Boyer (@spboyer)

Future Events

We are planning a two time a month workshop after the New Year with a range of topics covering Windows Store Apps, Windows Phone and much more surrounding these platforms.  If you have some subject matter that you are interested in hearing more about please contact me [email protected] or Joe [email protected]

Other Resources
Visit Generation App at , or Joe's site at and be sure to followus on twitter: @devfish and @spboyer.