Anytime I have the opportunity to sit and run through showing another developer the latest thing I'm into a few things are likely to happen. First, we'll both probably learn something (let's hope). Secondly, it's just great to be able to "play" around with the tech and see where it leads.

That's what I was able to do recently with John Papa, check out our Play by Play here. The code and samples are available on github.

Here is the description from the video...

In this course, Shayne Boyer shows how to build a web app with ASP.NET Core 1.0 from scratch, in real time. Since ASP.NET Core works cross-platform, Shayne develops and runs the app entirely on OSX. Shayne ups the ante by creating an Angular client that will communicate with an ASP.NET Web API. Learn from Shayne's expertise as he writes code that serves static assets, makes HTTP requests, and handles modern JavaScript client needs such as routing.

John and Shayne