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RadCustomHubTile from Telerik for Windows 8 UI

Introduction Telerik recently released their Windows 8 UI Controls to RC on September 18th (see post here), and this is probably on the first in a series of posts I will put out showing them off. The first control here is the RadCustomHubTile.  I chose this because I am in the process of porting my Find Amber app from Windows Phone to Windows 8 and I wanted to transition the app without drifting too far from the spirit of the original app.  [![](http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-OoJxg94Y9sg/UFtzIhwbmQI/AAAAAAAAAU8/_9KJDXTNF2g/s320/promoimage.png)](http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-OoJxg94Y9sg/UFtzIhwbmQI/AAAAAAAAAU8/_9KJDXTNF2g/s1600/promoimage.png)RadControls from Telerik used here for Current List and Search...