Getting Started

Visual Studio Code

Go get Visual Studio Code!, the all new cross platform development tool from Microsoft.


You'll need DNX, formerly known as K or KRE (K Runtime Environment).

You can get the full instructions on the ASP.NET Github repo. If you have been running the K Runtime, you can uninstall if you deem necessary; however DNX can and will run side by side.

On OSX, the install is simple with Homebrew

$ brew tap aspnet/dnx
$ brew update
$ brew install dnvm

This will install the toooling you need (dnx, dnu, dnvm) as well as mono 4.0.1.


If you are starting a new project, it is recommended starting with the aspnet generator as "File > New Project".

Install the generators using npm

npm install -g yo generator-aspnet

If you are not already using bower, grunt and/or gulp; grab those tools as well. If you are not already using these you'll become familiar as a part of the new modern develpoment stack.

npm install -g bower grunt-cli gulp-cli

New Project

Open terminal or cmd, depending on your OS. And type yo aspnet (still my favorite thing to type)
Select Web Application, enter your application name and hit .

Next your project is created.

The final directions from the generator is to do the following:

Your project is now created, you can use the following commands to get going
    dnu restore
    dnu build
    dnx . run for console projects
    dnx . kestrel or dnx . web for web projects

First you will want to cd myWebApp and then

  1. dnu restore - download nuget, npm and bower resources
  2. dnu build - builds the application
  3. dnx . kestrel or dnx . web - starts the self host server for the application where [.] is the path of the application.

All of this can be accomplished from the command line, however VSCode is where we'll be editing the project.

VS Code

Note: John Papa has a great set of posts on Visual Studio Code here - be sure to check them out.

Open VSCode and open the project folder by clicking File>Open or (⌥⌘O).


First we want to restore (dnu restore) the nuget, npm and bower packages. Press Command+P (⌘P) to open the command window and then type restore.

Hit enter and a terminal window launches to execute the command.
Note: you may see a notification that you have to relaunch after restoring, update of vscode in the future may resolve

Now we can do the same (⌘P) and now type kestrel to run the application.

This starts the kestrel self host server. Browse to http://localhost:5001 and we're done! Web app running on OSX created using Yeoman editing in VSCode.


aspnet generator issues log here -
VS Code -