So its been 2 full days with the Windows Phone, jumping out of the iOS world using the Nokia Lumia 900 as my everyday device.  I have to say I'm still swimming in the pool doing the backstroke.  I love it!

Battery life is great and I use the hell out of my phone. Email , Twitter, News, Checking In, Photos and browsing constantly while running around with the family doing our very filled life things.

Couple of observations I wanted to point out.  I had the strangest thing happen to me while walking around the locked up. Now, before anyone starts with "Well guess your new fancy phone isn't so fancy (as my daughter would say)".  My dang iPhone would lock up constantly, as would my Android and Blackberry etc etc.  So it's not uncommon.  The issue was I had no freaking idea how to unlock it.

I was holding down the power button and getting the normal "slide down to power off" screen, but the screen wouldn't respond.  Camera worked though??  And the battery symbol had a "?" on it. I was lost and thought crap" Now what.

Solution: Hold down the power button for about 15 seconds, hard reboot all is well.

Now since I practically live on my phone after a few days I wanted to see what I really missed as far as apps and other functionality I used constantly.  Here is a list so far:


Flipboard - (@flipboard)

If you haven't used this application on your iPad or iPhone your missing the best news, social aggregation application out there.  Funny thing is when I first saw it, I thought, "Man this looks like a Windows Phone App!". When I installed it, i uninstalled about 6 other applications.Banking ApplicationsI know they are coming, but I use SunTrust and Chase and the Chase application on iOS is great.  Depositing checks via pic upload is fantastic.  Now I tweeted over the weekend about Suntrust and today got a reply from them unprovoked.  I do just simply browse to their sites, but there are some baked n OS functionality i do miss.FunctionalityScreenshotUnless I've missed it, but I did search online and found nothing.  In iOS use can press the "home" button and the "power" button at the same time to capture the current screen regardless of what your doing on the device and it snags the screen an puts it in your pictures.This is great when watching screencasts, doing research on apps, so on and so forth.Other than that, so far, I don't miss it.  And looking at the iPhones in my house, there are a bunch both 3GS and 4s, they look so tiny and dated compared to the Windows Phone. Till next time...