Nokia Lumia 900
The newest Windows Phone 7 device has arrived and I have to say I can't put it down!

No seriously I can't! First, because ever since I told my 4 yr old that "...on Daddy's new phone you can play XBOX Live" (he almost exploded) he has been as anxious as I have to get it in. Secondly,it just plain beautiful. The OS, weight, size and speed of it all, what a home run.

Now, let me first say that I'm not going to post step by step pictures of the unboxing as there have been and will be more shots of this gem online and although a few more pictures won't degrade the quality of what I hold in my hand, I don't think you need to see what my coffee table or desk looks like.

iPhone 4 - Lost the battle!
I have been an avid user of the iPhone since the release of the 3GS and then moved to the 4\. Before that I have owned an Android G1, Windows Motorola Blackjack and of course a Blackberry. I feel that I have experienced about every mobile OS up until this point and have developed applications, or at least learned the tools to do so.

So for the last many years, as have many others agreed that Apple hit the home run with the smartphone market. I was in the pool with all the other swimmers head first. Then came Windows Phone, and I thought, again as others had, "here we go again, haven't they tried this before"? When CES came around and the Nokia Lumia 900 showed up, I said whoa! I want that. My wife said what? You said yourself that no one would beat Apple...

I had occasionally stopped by a mobile store and futz around with a Windows 7 Phone here and there and thought it was different for sure but it was newly releases and the hardware and some of the software features were lacking in comparison to the iPhone 4 that I had in my pocket. Then of course there is the lack of app conversations...but that is another topic (I have all I need to be productive).

When the 900 was shown and I spent more and more time developing in the tool set for Windows Phone, I was hooked for sure. Now that I have it in my hand, WOW.

The boot time is unreal! I had to reboot my iPhone4 and the Lumia 900 to try and activate and I could have rebooted the Nokia 5x before the iPhone started.

So, the first order of business was to get this puppy dialed in.

  • Wifi

  • Windows Live Account

  • Twitter

  • Seesmic - uninstalled for Rowi

  • Rowi - best Twitter client for WP7. Pay the $.99 the developer deserves it!* 4th & Mayor - Foursquare should just hire Jeff Wilcox to redo their app or pay him to re-brand his.

  • Mail Accounts

  • Exchange

  • GMail* Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Netflix

  • SkyDrive

  • My Rubber Duck - cause I gave him a shout out in my last entry and it's just funny.

  • Setup the Family group and pinned the tile tooTotal setup time including installation of apps and dinking around with being picky on what tile is where and what is or isn't pinned? 1.5 hrs  (oh and I ate dinner with the family during that time too without the phone in my hand). So call it 1 hr.I must mention that the download and installation of apps is super fast! I am on Brighthouse Lightning over Wifi.Oh, forgot to mention that I got the Black one, going to try out some of the cases that are out to see if I'll dress it or go naked.Tweet