update the team has been renamed to .NET from ASP.NET to not exclude anyone -
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Slack Status

I'm a big fan of Slack. I use it internally for work as well as for a number of teams that I'm involved with for projects or community like OrlandoDevs, Telerik Experts, Angular Beers.

I find that it's a great way to quickly discuss topics of interest, created private and public rooms, share code snippets etc.

For ASP.NET I have been using Jabbr, Twitter, Email and even GitHub at times via Issues to connect with the community and engineers to get answers and discuss ideas or topics.

I like that Slack give me the mobile apps, what I feel is missing from Jabbr and Github. Email feels so corporate.

There are some mixed feelings on Slack:

"...the meeting that never ends"

" hard to follow, no threaded conversations"

I created, it's wide open for sign up.

I have a couple of rules.

There will be no NDA material discussed within this group. It is not run Microsoft.

Be a good citizen to one another, I would hope that we are all here to be helpful and learn from one another. If need be there will be a Code of Conduct, let’s not get to that point.

Channels are created to relate to the github repos within

Enjoy, share, #slack