Had a great time presenting Async Application Development and the Social Authentication options available in ASP.NET this week at DevIntersection.

Building Async Applications in ASP.NET

Async has become much easier over time to code and maintain with the async/await keywords and adding the capabilities in WebForms applications can improve overall page response times if done correctly.

Here are the additional links and the slides from the session.

Bring Your Own Authentication yo MVC

As I mentioned in my session on Social loin integration, adding the capability is very easy through since the addition of OWIN/Katana middleware authentication host plumbing that is out of the box in ASP.NET.  A couple of highlights from the talk:

  • Add social logins where appropriate

  • Enterprise or internal company applications might not apply* Leverage test user in Facebook's Developer portalHere are the slides and additional links.Presentation SlidesGet More from Facebook User / Using Facebook C# SDKOWIN and Katana ProjectAgain thanks for coming out and hope to see you in the fall at DEVIntersection and Anglebrackets!