Come out to DEVIntersection April 13-16 at the JW Marriott in Orlando to get a chance to interact with a number of community experts such as Scott Guthrie, Scott Hanselman, Douglas Crockford and many more.I'll be giving two talks in the ASP.NET track:AS12: Building Asynchronous ASP.NET ApplicationsLearn how to take advantage of the new async/await operations to keep your applications responsive and avoid the performance bottlenecks. In comparison to how async code has been written with callbacks, the new way allows for cleaner more readable debug-able code. In this presentation topics covered WebForms, MVC, EF6 some tooling.AS11: Bring Your Own Authentication (BYOA) to MVCMost of us are familiar with the the phrase "Bring Your Own Device", where business users have over time influenced internal IT to move to the users platform instead of vice versa.  Leveraging the social sign on credentials such as Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter etc will not only eliminate the code you need to create, re-create or manage but also ease the sign on process for your potential users. ASP.NET provides the underlying OAuth framework to easily make the connection and manage the integration, this session will walk through leveraging social sign credentials in your applications in a few simple steps. Also don't miss out on the co-located at no extra cost where you'll get an opportunity to hear web experts like John Papa, Dan Wahlin, Elijah Manor Rob Eisenberg and more speak about AngularJS, Durandal and other current and emerging web tech you won't want to miss out on.Use discount code "BOYER" for an additional $50 off registration.