So here we are, the good stuff. When do we have to be done and what the heck do we get if we win?


Start NOW, if you have not signed up please do so here. This is important, I need your valid email address so that I can get you the API developer key for Dark Sky.Next, apps must be submitted in completion no later than 10/1/2012.  This give us time to review them, get them loaded on or devices etc.  If you publish them to the Marketplace please send me the links so that we can get them downloaded.  If they are paid applications, please send us the .xap or provide a download link so we may side load the applications.So, prizes.  One grand prize for the best Windows 7 Phone and best Windows 8 Metro application. Each winning team or person will receive the following:NetAdvantage Ultimate  from InfragisticsDark Sky UmbrellaClick for larger imageDarkSky  Custom-printed senz˚ umbrellas — capable of withstanding 80 km/h winds$49.99 XBOX Live Point CardAlso each completed application submitted will also receive a free copy of NetAdvantage for Windows Phone from Infragistics.Other submissions will be awarded various prizes so get to coding!  We are excited to see what's in store.Any questions please contact @spboyer