Develop Your First Windows Phone App - Get a Free Nokia Phone

This past Friday I attended a Windows Phone Developer event put on by Rich Dunbar, who is a Nokia Developer Ambassador, here in Orlando.
I have exchanged some tweets and emails with Rich in the past and watched some feedback from some of the previous events he had put on in the past; and I'll tell you the reviews had been good.Rich is running a great program.  Develop your first application for Windows Phone and get a free App Hub token ($99 value) and once your application is available in the marketplace, he'll send you a Windows Phone 7 device.  Not too bad right?  Well, I'll tell you it's a legit deal.The event was a starter for sure, but he has some good advice on marketing your application. For instance, the Nokia Developer site has a deep link there for generating a cool little banner ad like this one I did for Baseball Pro 12.So here is the program.1. Go to - See the steps and rules.2. Follow @RichDunbar and @spboyer (that's me)3. Get the tools - see Rich's blog4. Develop! Ask Questions!5. Follow #wpdev on twitter6. Reap the benefitsRich is a great guy, he'll respond to you faster on Twitter than in email, so do that.  Feel free to ask me questions as well.

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